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Who we are

We are a local crafts business out of Columbia, ​TN who specializes in making your life easier! ​From our Jarheads to our Lideze, our Functional ​Art is GUARANTEED to make your life easier! ​Most of our products are made out of ​Tennessee Eastern Cedar and have a LIFETIME ​guarantee!

Our products


Mini Jarhead

The Jarhead and the Mini Jarhead

Our most popular products, these 2 products will make ​opening jars a piece of cake! No longer do you have to use all ​your strength to fight lids, this does all the fighting for you!

The Lideze and Puzzle Box

These are our newest products! The Lideze is a permanent, ​mountable version of the Jarhead and provides an easy, ​discreet way to open jars! The puzzle box is a wonderful way ​to give out gifts during the holidays as it is a puzzle to open ​the box and access whatever is inside! For more info, click ​the links above the products.

Puzzle Box


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